Strawberry Picking at La Trinidad

The last time we went to La Trinidad we did not do the Strawberry Picking. When we went to La Presa they also had it but they said there were no more strawberries available for picking.

When you arrive at the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad you will first be greeted by rows and rows of Souvenir Shops, Strawberry Ice Cream Sellers, Strawberry taho Vendors, Strawberry Sellers.  The first to greet us upon getting out of the car were the Strawberry Ice Cream Vendors. I bought a cone for P25.00 and it was delicious.

And if you thought that was it, you are wrong. As you get nearer to the Strawberry Farm, more and more rows of Stalls will greet you. And this time more sellers of Strawberries, Strawberry Wine or Strawberry Jam. Just go inside the Strawberry fields and someone will surely approach you asking if you want to do Strawberry Picking.

We entered one of the Strawberry fields and a lady greeted us and asked us if we wanted to do Strawberry picking. We asked how much and she said it was P450 for 1 Kilo. We agreed and she led us to their Strawberry field. We were first taught how to properly cut the strawberry and then we were given a basket and scissors. Since there were 2 of us, we should divide the 1 kilo between us, so half and half kilo for each.

I thought Strawberry Picking was easy but i was wrong. It was back breaking and tiring. It was an experience anyone going to Baguio should experience.

The Strawberry farms are located in La Trinidad, Benguet. Just Type Strawberry Farms or Fields in Waze and you will be directed to the Farm/Fields.


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