Jala Jala, Rizal

I always wondered what Jala Jala looked like. Today I was able to see this municipality. Jala Jala is a sleepy town located after Pililla. they do not have an old church like the other towns in Rizal. There are no Restaurants here (based from what I saw) also. 

Despite this simple way of life in Jala Jala, the untouched beauty of its surroundings more than makeup for the lack of tourist amenities.

Searching for Jala Jala in the Internet, I stumbled upon a link to a Resort in Jala Jala. The resort is Concorsia Vista Resort. (Click on the Resort Name to go to their website)

Welcome Arch to Jala Jala
Jala Jala Public Market
Road to Wawa
JalaJala Bank
The Old Municipal Hall of JalaJala
New Municipal Hall

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  1. I was telling some French in the office that their countrymen has been in the islands for well over a century (if not longer) proof is Jala-Jala which was once administered farms of the French man Paul de la Gironière, a writer, chronicler who contributed great literary works like "Moeurs indiennes et quelques pensées philosophiques pendant un voyage à Majaijai" and "Aventures d'un gentilhomme breton aux îles Philippines".

    1. Doctor de la Gironiere and his men were also credited with killing the largest crocodile known to man. They hunted it because it was responsible for the deaths of a number of village folk in Jala-Jala.

  2. thank you for sharing that bit of information about Jala Jala. There had been a sudden interest in my Blog Entry about Jala Jala. I was wondering why.

  3. probably since I posted this link in the Jalajala Facebook account :)



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