House of Yabu (Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City)

The first time i ate in Yabu was at its Soft Opening in Megamall. I could not remember anymore how their tonkatsu tasted. It was a welcome treat to eat at Yabu again but this time at their Robinsons Magnolia branch.

After watching Guardians of the Gslaxy we went to Yabu for a very early dinner. We ordered their Rosu Tonkatau and their Rosy Curry.

At Yabu you get to mix your tonkatsu sauce. You are given a bowl with black and white sesame seeds. A mortar is included so you can grind the sesame seeds to your desired fineness.

After a few minutes our order arrived. First to arrive was the Curry. It was a set which included Miso Soup, shredded cabbage, fruits and a side dish which looked like pickled veggies.

Next the tonkatsu arrived. It was a set also which included what was included with the curry.

Overall, everything was delicious. Service was good too.


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