Merced Bake House (Quezon City)

Yesterday i attended a Seminar about Chickens. It was held at the Main Branch of Merced Bake House & Restaurant. The last time i was here was probably 6 years ago when my grandmother asked us to buy something. In their tarpaulin i learned that they are 40 years old this year. 

After the seminar i bought some goodies. I was looking for the bee hive but they were gone. So i just bought their Sans Rival Slice (36.50), Sylvanna (29.50) and Mozart Ball (21.00).

I only got to taste the Sylvanna when i got home. It was just okay. Nothing special about it. It was neither bad tasting either. I never got to taste the other goodies though.

Merced is located along EDSA, near the corner of Quezon Avenue.


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