Masbate & Ticao in 3 Days and 2 Nights (August 2014)

I had bought my tickets to Masbate months ago when PAL had their Seat Sale, I was lucky to get 2 Round Trip tickets at just 1,300 a person. Finally the day came and my adventure started:

Day 1: August 12 (City, Buntod Reef and Ticao Island, Mangrove Park)

Our trip was scheduled to depart at 5am so we left the house at 3am and arrived 330am. We parked the car at the Overnight Area and proceeded to the Terminal. Check In was fast and we proceeded to the gate but first had a mini breakfast. Then we went to our gate. Boarding started as scheduled and we departed earlier than scheduled. The plane arrived earlier than the 640am estimated time. 

Masbate's Airport is just like any Small Provincial Airport. There was just a room where the bags will be brought. We did not have any Check In Bags so we exited immediately.

We hopped on a tricycle and told the driver to bring us to Masbate Cathedral. I paid the driver 50 Pesos (I asked him how much and he said "Bahala na Kayo"). 

After spending a few minutes and taking pictures of the Cathedral we hailed a tricycle and asked to bring us to GreenView Hotel. When we arrived at the hotel it looked closed and my buddy pointed to the third floor and said it burned down so we boarded another tricycle. We asked the driver what hotel he can reccommend, he told us MG Hotel so we went there. Unfortunately all rooms were already booked, they told us to try Hotel Sea Blick. We took a tricycle to Hotel Sea Blick which turned out to be just on the bend of the next road. 

They had rooms available but just single rooms. We asked for extra bed but getting 2 single rooms turned out to be the same amount.

After freshening up and changing clothes we hailed a motorcycle and asked that we be brought to Rendezous Resort (That is where we will ride the boat to Buntod). 

At the Resort i asked the guy we saw at the Check In where we can get the boat that will take us to Buntod. He said that we should contact the numbers posted outside the resort.

When we went out there were 2 ads for the Buntod Reef.

After taking pics of the ads we went to the resort beside Rendezvous, 7AR Resort for Breakfast. I ordered their Breakfast platter which included 2 Rice, Beef Tapa, Corned Beef and Dried Pusit (P300) and Juice or Coffee. While waiting for the food i tried calling the numbers for the boat but all just kept on ringing.

After breakfast we were just deciding if we should just go to Ticao. We asked the Guy at the Store where we passed by where the boat to Buntod is and he said just go left. There we asked where the boat to Buntod is. They called an Old Guy, he then brought us to a boat. We asked how much it was to get to Buntod, he said P500 (Round Trip).

We took off our shoes since we would need to wade in the water to get to the boat. After less than 10 minutes we were in Buntod Reef. 

I was just in awe at the place. The water was so clear and the sand so fine. It was a surprise to find such a place so beautiful so near the City.

We spent around 30 minutes at Buntod and every minute was worth it. I was just a nit disappointed in seeing pieces of trash in the sand in the Water. I hope the caretaker of Buntod will do something about it.

We got back to the Hotel, changed clothes and left again. We took a tricycle to the Pier. While there we asked where the boat to Ticao is. We were pointed to a small boat. We went inside and waited for our departure. After few minutes of waiting we were finally on our way.

When the conductor got our fare P80 for one way. We asked what time was the return trip. She said there was no return trip anymore and that we should just get a Special Boat for P700. She also asked where we were going, i said San Jacinto. She said we should get a Motor (P350) that will take us from Pier to San Jacinto and back. 

At the Pier the Conductor (Shirley) introduced us the the Motor driver and Boat Man. The motor turned out to be a single motor, we just decided to take 2 motors.

We first stopped at the Church of Batuan. It looked like it was just built. It was still in the finishing stage and the facade still had no paint.

Then we went to the Church of San Fernando. An all white church with stained glass windows.

and Finally to the Church of San Jacinto. I was expecting to see an Old Church but what i saw was a renovated Church. The facade was new, altar was new. The only part still old was the walls on the left. 

We returned to the pier around 2PM and arrived at Masbate around 3PM. We then went back to the hotel and rested for a few minutes. Around 330pm we went out for a late lunch. Went to Mangrove Park before returning to the Hotel.

For dinner we went to 7AR. We ordered their Mix Vegetables, Sizzling Pork Steak and beef with ampalaya. The food was good but it took an hour for the food to arrive.

Day 2: August 13 (Aroroy, Castle Kaunan, Hayahay Beach)

We ate breakfast at the hotel at 630am. We got the Corned Beed and Daing plates.

After breakfast we checked out and hopped on a motorcycle to bring us to baywalk hotel.

I paid for the room P1,650 and afterwards we were shown to our room. The room at baywalk are bigger, nicer and better. They even have hot and cold shower.

After a few minutes we left the hotel for the Masbate transport terminal.

We boarded the Van going to Aroroy. The scheduled departure was at 930 but if it will get full they will leave so we just paid for the 2 remaining seats so we can go on our way.

The Van arrived at Aroroy around 1045am and we walked to the pier. 

We asked around where the boat going to the Aroroy Lighthouse is. We were pointed to a boat the Norma. While seated inside we learned that the travel time to the lighthouse is 2 hours. We just decided to get out and just visit the Church of Aroroy.

After taking pics of the Church we went back to the transport terminal where we boarded the Van going to Masbate City.

We arrived at Masbate around 2pm and we proceeded to Castle Kaunan for a Late Lunch. We ordered their Sutukil (Inihaw, Tinola and Kinilaw), Seafood KareKare, Baby Scallops, Rice and Mango Shake. Food was served after 30minutes but the wait was Worth it. The food was just delicious! And all for 670 Pesos.

After Lunch we hopped on a Motorcycle. We stopped at LCC to look for Nomer's Dried Beef Tapa. The manager said they dont carry it anymore. We walked around the area and saw a HUGE old house. It was called Villa Bayot and built in the 1880s.

Next stop was the airport where Nomer's had a stall. When we arrived there the Airport was practically empty so we just asked the driver to bring us to Baywalk Hotel.

Around 430pm i went to Hayahay Beach located just across the hotel. I was supposed to take a dip but there were small crabs in the water plus there were some garbage pieces in the water. It looked clean at first but just decided not to go in.

Next day, we had breakfast at 5am then boarded the Motor at 520am. We were at the Airport around 530am and Check In was Fast as there were no people around yet Checking In. It was goodbye to Masbate.


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