Cebu Pacific's One-Day Piso Sale

I was able to buy 3 Tickets going to Bacolod. The Fare amounted to P97.20 for the Manila - Bacolod - Manila Trip! Talk about ridiculously low fare. The Taxi fare from my house to Terminal 3 will even amount to more than P100, so Airfare to Bacolod is much cheaper!! 2 of those tickets are just day trips, and 1 is an overnight stay. For the overnight stay I chose the seats so airfare upped to 297.20! Still very cheap! Anyway, i plan on going to all the food places in Bacolod that I have not yet visited.

I am just confused, Cebu Pacific put on its ad, sale is on June 11,2010. It is just June 10 but there is already a sale going on, A lot of seats have already been sold out so by tomorrow no seats will be available anymore.


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