Golden Merengue Bakeshop

Yema Rolls Php 180 for a Box of 10
Merengue Php 50 for a Pack
This is the Golden Merengue Bakeshop
The Golden Merengue Bakeshop is an unassuming bakeshop that would not merit a first and second look. But the goodies they sell here would change that. They sell merengue and yema rolls, and both are delicious. The yema rolls are soft rolls with yema filling inside, not too sweet, but just the right amount of sweetness. This priced at 180 for a box of 10. The merengue is good too and priced 50 for a pack.

The Golden Merengue Bakeshop is located at JP Rizal Street and at 48 Martirez Street in Lian, Batangas. The Merengue is sold at JP Rizal while the Yema Rolls are sold at 48 Martirez.


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