San Jose Mindoro Day Trip

My friend A and husband J had been inviting me to go to their place for years. A and J bought their dog H from me and H lives with them in San Jose together with 5 other dogs of the same breed. Last March 18 thanks to Promo of Cebu Pacific I finally saw what San Jose looked like. Everything that A told me about San Jose was true. It is a very laid back place indeed.

We were met at the Airport by J (San Jose's Airport looked like a Typical Provincial Airport, like the one in Tagbilaran, Dumaguete, Old Bacolod Airport) then we proceeded to J's Resort, the Sikatuna Resort (which is less than 5 minutes from the airport). There we had breakfast of Danggit, Egg, Longaniza and Fried Garlic Rice. The Danggit was the best I have tasted, it was not too salty like the usual danggit. The Longaniza was delicious!, not too fatty like other longaniza. I will definitely ask them where they buy this the next time i go to San Jose. After Breakfast it was off to their house to visit H and the Gang.

San Jose Airport

Salt Farm

After visit to A and J's House it was a tour of San Jose. We started with a Town Tour of San Jose, Which you can probably tour in less than 30 minutes since there is nothing to see! We went to a Salt Farm owned by J's Friend. It was quite interesting to see how salt is made. Then it was to J's Pig farm. I pity all the pigs and piglets who will be slaughtered. After that we went to A's Old House and beside it their Old Ice Plant which was converted to a Salt Warehouse.

After the San Jose and Countryside tour it was back to the Resort for Lunch. There was so many to eat, there was Chicharon Bulaklak, Crispy Pata, Chili Crab, Lapu-Lapu, etc. I was stuffed afterwards. We just let time pass by catching up on each other. It was a very short visit but i enjoyed it a lot, next time I will probably take up their offer on staying for a day or 2. They said there was an Island (an hour away by banca) that looked like Boracay (when it was not yet Boracay). I will definitely not miss that.

View from the Sikatuna Resort

How to go to San Jose
There are daily flights going to San Jose. Airlines offering flights to San Jose are Cebu Pacific, AirPhilippines and Zest Air. It is just a 45 Minute plane ride going to San Jose.

Where to Stay
Sikatuna Hotel in the Town Center and Sikatuna Beach Resort


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