Youssef's Shawarma

When I was a kid my sister R would always drop by Rustan's Makati to buy Shawarma at Youssef's.
The Shawarma at Youssef is not the rolled type, but the pita bread type. This is the type I like. And inside it is stuffed with Onions and tomatoes. They added Cucumber slices before, and now lettuce (I usually ask them not to put lettuce or cucumber as the shawarma tastes different) Then white sauce added. I usually order minimum of 6 of this. This is one of my all time favorite comfort food.
The only branch I know of Youssef is at Megamall (at the Supermarket), I do not know if their branch at Rustan's Makati is still there. The last time we bought shawarma there was 25 years ago!!
Youssef's Shawarma is located at SM MegaMall Supermarket. Price of the Regular Type beef Shawarma is P48.00

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