Sta Cruz Art Trip and Lunch at Bay

We went to Santa Cruz, Laguna today. I visited Nineveh Art Gallery owned by a friend of mine. I got works by Pagarigan and Brenda Fajardo. I also saw a work by Gabby Barredo, when I asked L I was shocked at how cheap it was. Upon closer inspection, it is made of wood not metal. Still it is a very low price for a Barredo.

Nineveh Gallery

Some Art Pieces Available at Nineveh

Lunch at Palaisdaan, Bay
Lunch was at Palaisdaan in Bay. Ordered inihaw na hito, tinolang manok and pinakbet ilocano. The Tinolang Manok tasted a bit bland, Our Cook L and B can cook better Tinola. The Inihaw na Hito was the usual Delicious Hito that I know, the fish meat is delicious, none of the grainy texture that some hito have. The Pinakbet Ilokano was disappointing, it had nothing except Okra Okra and Sitaw.

Inihaw na Hito
Nineveh Art Gallery is located in Villa Silangan in San Pablo, Laguna
Palaisdaan is located in Bay, Laguna. Along the HighWay. After Samaral Restaurant.

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