Antique Hunting in Sariaya

We went to Sariaya today. I had 1 objective why I went to this town. And that is to look for 8 Chairs to go with my Narra Dining Table which I purchased from an ad at Sulit.

The place I had in mind to look for the Chairs I wanted was at the Sina Una Antique Shop. Upon entering the Shop, Tony De Luna greeted me. I asked Tony if he had 8 Identical Chairs for a dining table. He had none but there was 4 Mulawin Chairs which were identical, and he suggested that I just get the other 2 Mulawin chairs which were different from the 2 and just place them on each side of the table. The Chairs are nice, made from very Heavy Mulawin Wood and at a price of P1,500 each and P2,000 for the other two it was already a good buy.

So my quest to look for Chairs is finished, next is where to look for a Platera, but there is one in the house so maybe, it can do...


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