2 Day Singapore Trip

Off all my trips to Singapore. This is probably the shortest. It won't be even a 48 hour trip.

Day 1-August 19

Our flight PR 505 left on time (740pm). Food served was a choice between Chicken Estofado and Fish Curry. I chose the Chicken Estofado which I did not like. The fish would probably have been a better option. It was served with a dinner roll, a salad and dessert from Bizu (Mango Pannacotta).

Chicken Estofado with Roll, Salad and Pannacotta

Fish Curry

The film they showed was The Bounty Hunter, a lousy film by Jennifer Anniston and Gerard Butler, no wonder it was a flop at the box office. The plane landed a bit ahead of schedule (11pm, schedule was 1115pm) and in less than 30 minutes we were in the taxi. Getting to the Apartment was Fast! Fare amounted to SGD16. Did not sleep until 130am.

Day 2-August 20
Woke up at 6am. It was raining in Singapore so just stayed at the Apartment. At 1030am we had a nice brunch of nasi lemak, char siu pork and another pork dish similar to our lechon kawali. At 1230 we left the Apartment. Took Bus then MRT to Plaza Singapura. Will check spotlight if they have Shower Curtains there.

Had some luck at Spotlight. Though not nature themed, it will do for the meantime. Got some snacks at Snack It, taiwanese chicken and mushroom with spice. Then we took the mrt to Novena Square to get some drinks at Gong Cha. Iced Milk drinks seem to be the craze everywhere.

At 250pm we are already back at the apartment. Dinner at the Apartment 8pm. Dinner was fried thai pork, pork tinola, beans with baby shrimps. Went to sleep around midnite.

Day 3-August 21
Woke up 6am. My sleep was a light one. I constantly woke up, to pee and to scratch my itchy body haha. 730am left the Apartment. Took bus 124 to City Hall MRT. Then MRT to Changi Airport. Took Shuttle Bus to Budget Terminal. Line at Check In was quite long. Took around 40mins to finish.

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