Badjao Seafood Restaurant (Abueg Road, Puerto Princesa, Palawan)

The Badjao Seafood Restaurant has the distinction of being the only restaurant that Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom visited when he visited Palawan several Years ago and they proudly advertise it too as the picture of the prince at Badjao is what will greet you when you enter the restaurant.

Built on a mangrove. You will cross a wooden bridge to get to Badjao Seafront Restaurant. You will be greeted by an elegant dining area, accented with hanging native lights, wooden tables and chairs. At night you will have a better experience as they also have a piano player. The ambience here is first rate.

We ordered the following:

Clam Soup - overflowing with clams. Good with just the right hint of garlic and onion taste. They definitely used first rate clams for this soup as the taste was undeniably very clean.

Grilled Tanigue - first rate. Fish was super fresh. Very delicious.

Butter Garlic Shrimp - Did not pass my standard for Butter Garlic Shrimp. Though the shrimp was undeniably fresh. It just didn't have the taste I was looking for. It wasn't tasty enough for me.

Butter Garlic Crab - I could not taste the garlic in this dish. It tasted more like butter Crab. Then the crab was steamed.

Steamed Garlic Prawn - Another shrimp dish which failed my expectations.

Salt and Pepper Squid - This is a dish which I think should not be called salt and pepper. But more of Chili Garlic squid.

I had very high expectations for Badjao, specially for the Shrimp and Crab Dishes. Those expectations were not met. I have tasted better SeaFood than what I had at Badjao. If I only had the Grilled Tanigue and Clam Soup I would have not been disappointed, but I grew up Eating Shrimp and Crabs as a Kid and it was impossible for me not to order these dishes.

Service was also mediocre, definitely something that they should improve on also. But maybe, eating Lunch is a different experience. 

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