Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food (Granada Avenue, Quezon City)

Yen Yen Taiwan Street Food is located along Granada Avenue. Infront of Gilmore Townhomes. Telephone No 345-3219.

We ordered the following:

Taiwan Pork Chop - Rather Bland tasting for me. I was expecting that this dish would be bursting with flavor and spices but it was not.

Crispy Tiger Shrimps - Another bland tasting dish. Definitely needs more flavor and spice to it.

Crispy Taoso Steamed Fish - I was wondering why this dish was called crispy?! Can a fish which is steamed by crispy at the same time?! When it realized, maybe what the word crispy referred to was the things on top of the Fish. Anyway, this dish could have been good if it was not too salty.

Taiwan Rice Wine Cabbage

Taiwanese Fried Rice - hmmmmm All I can say is that I still prefer Yang Chow Fried Rice :-)

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