Everybody's Cafe (San Fernando, Pampanga)

This is the Main Branch of Everybody's Cafe. Their other branch is at Angeles City. We ordered the following: Morcon, Dinuguan, Adobong Pusit and Hito with Buro.

The Morcon as usual was delicious. The Hito as well was likewise delicious. But for the Dinuguan and Adobong Pusit, i did not enjoy eating. The Adobong Pusit had a different taste, our cook at home could cook better. The Dinuguan meanwhile was not really bad, but it was not good either. I am just probably used to the regular dinuguan.


  1. Wow, the place is really nice. I got starved looking at the food. haha! I would love to visit that place some time.http://www.cdokay.com/


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