Chicken Charlie (NS Amoranto cor Banawe, Quezon City)

Chicken Charlie as the name suggests, specializes in Chicken dishes.

We tried the Soy Garlic Chicken Wings and the Hot Sweet Sauce Chicken Wings, also the Charlies Bowl plus the fries.

First to be served was the fries. The fries were delicious, served with the skin which added to its taste. It was not enough and was wiped out after just a few minutes.

Next to be served was the Charlies Bowl which is Chopped Chicken pieces with a sweet sauce topped over rice. It was quite good.

Finally, the Soy Garlic and Hot Sweet Sauce Chicken Wings were served. To differentiate between the two, toothpick were put on the Hot Sweet Sauce Wings. There is really nothing different between the taste of the 2. But both were very very good. Perfect to be eaten alone or partnered with their fries. Prices are a bit pricey but I will definitely come back for more of these!

When ordering the Chicken be prepared to wait 10 minutes or more as they are cooked upon order. When we arrived we were the only one there so cooking time was around 10 minutes. Minutes after we arrived the place was already packed.

Chicken Charlie is located along NS Amoranto, corner Banawe, Quezon City. Telephone 742-3333

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  1. Chicken Charlie will be opening another branch soon. At San Juan.


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