Bacoor's Original Famous Digman Halo-Halo

Last Sunday we went to the ORIGINAL FAMOUS HALO-HALO in Digman, Bacoor, Cavite City. This is different from the ORIGINAL HALO-HALO located in Rubio Street (I read somewhere that the 2 even got into a Court Case regarding who can use the word ORIGINAL. And the HALO HALO PLACE who won the case went to the one located in Rubio Street).

The price of ORIGINAL FAMOUS HALO HALO is P55.00 for the Special (Comes with a Scoop of Ice Cream) while the Regular is P45.00. Aside from the HALO HALO we also ordered their Pancit Canton, Mami and Tokwat Baboy. The Halo-Halo came first. Now comes the Verdict of ORIGINAL FAMOUS HALO-HALO.

The Halo-Halo of ORIGINAL FAMOUS is no where in the league of the ORIGINAL. The use of just Evaporada instead of ALPINE Milk (used by ORIGINAL) was very evident. The ingredients used also were of poorer quality than what ORIGINAL used. The sago in ORIGINAL was firm while in ORIGINAL FAMOUS it was a bit soggy. The leche flan used by ORIGINAL FAMOUS is something that you will probably not eat on its own so it was better off used in Halo-Halo where its lack of taste will not be fully noticed. 

I will have to visit them again, next time maybe will be a better Visit.


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