Laguna's Hidden Paradise in Panguil (Panguil River Eco Park)

Every time we go to Laguna we pass by Panguil but we did not know that there is a Hidden Paradise in this small town. It was only when i read about it in the June Issue of Cruising Magazine that i got to know that there exists such a Paradise in Laguna. 

To get to the Panguil River Eco Park do not take the road going to Panguil Town Proper, instead take the Highway. There is a sign that says Panguil River Eco Park along the Highway, do not be mislead by this sign as they placed it on the wrong spot!! Take the road just before this Sign if you are coming from Rizal and after this sign if you are coming from Laguna. 

In a few minutes after turning left or right depending on where you come from you will arrive at the gate of Panguil River Eco Park. If you have a Car with you, park it at the Parking Site just before the gate. Parking Fee for cars is P20.00. You will need to pay at the Admin Office an entrance fee of P42.00 a person, if you want to go to the Ambon Ambon Falls that is another P60.00, if you want to rent a Hut that is P200 for the small one and P400 for the bigger one. They also have camping grounds here.

You will need to cross a Hanging Bridge to get to the River Eco Park, same as Daranak's. The Panguil River Eco Park is very well maintained. Though there are some litter on the flour, these are few unlike the case in Daranak Falls. The Laguna Provincial Government as well as the town of Panguil should be commended for maintaining the place.

More Pictures of Panguil River Eco Park


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