"Only in the Philippines" Shopping at Duty Free Philippine Paranaque

We just came from Duty Philippines. It was an experience that i can say "Only in the Philippines" I was at DFP just the other night but decided to tag along with my Mom and Sister.

To be able to shop at Duty Free Philippines you need to bring your Passport. You need to go here 48 hours after you arrive in the Philippines (I went to Duty Free 5 days after arrived but they still let me in). For Senior Citizens and Handicapped persons, they are given 1 Year to go here from their date of arrival. Regular Travellers, Senior and Handicapped Persons are given a $1000 Duty Free allowance. OFW's on the other hand are allowed to avail of the Duty Free Shopping 15 days after they arrive and given a bigger allowance of $2500.

Once you go up you will be first met by the Chocolate Section which the atmosphere is similar to a Philippine Market, though this is classier. Salesperson from the different Chocolate Brands (Hershey's, Lindt, M&M, etc) will try to get your attention and sell their product to you. Each chocolate brand have their own promos, one even gives away Water dispense when you buy their chocolates. I decided to get the Hershey's Bag which was on a 2+1 Promo plus a chance to win an IPAD. Each bag was priced at $66. My sister got the Lindt Bag which was on a 3+1 promo and each bag was priced at $35 (Each bag contained 15 Bars, and each bar was just P75.00)

I did not get any luck with the IPAD. Hopefully the raffle will be better (but i doubt it). After the very rowdy Chocolate Section we went to the very peaceful Fashion Section. And after that to the Supermarket. At the exit a Customs Examiner will check your purchases and after this is where another Mob of People will greet you. From Flyer giving Girls to Men who will convince you to go to the side and try their appliances to others who will approach you showing a laminated card. All these you can experience "Only in the Philippines"


  1. We usually buy perfumes, shoes, clothes, imported grocery items, and chocolates, of course. Occasionaly, we buy major or mini appliances in duty free.



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