Late Lunch at Cocina Juan (Quezon City)

The last time we ate here was 2-3 years ago. Whenever we were in the Teacher's Village Area and we wanted to eat we would go here but they were usually closed. Yesterday they were open (never did get to ask what time they open but probably not early!) so it was my chance again to taste their chimichurri again! We ordered the Limon Chicken and Pork Belly Chimichurri and added a Pita Pizza plus Cold Chamomile Tea. 

While waiting for our food we were served some Nacho Chips (Purple colored) drizzled with white sauce. This appetizer was delicous and more so that it was free. The food arrived after 10-15 minutes. The Pork Belly was DELICIOUS. The meat was soft and it was grilled just right (there were no black burnt particles). The Chimichurri Sauce just simply made the dish heavenly. The Limon Butter was likewise good but i preffered the Pork Belly. I had to order additional Chimichurri sauce (on the menu it has a price of P35 but i dont know if i was billed for it)

The Pita Pizza arrived quite late. We were already finished more than 30 minutes with the main dish when the Pita Pizza arrived. The waitress apologized for the long time it took and we said it was okay. The Pita Pizza was very DELICIOUS too. The very thin Pita is a big welcome from all the thick crust pizza's out there. 

When we got the bill i noticed that the Pita Pizza was crossed out to i asked the waitress that the Pita Pizza was not added. She went to the cashier and came back and said that the Pita Pizza was on the house since it took soooo long to arrive (it was not really that long and other restaurants would not bother  even to apologize). 

It was an EXCELLENT lunch for me, topped with very good service. And of course very good food. Will definitely come back to Cocina Juan again some time soon!!

Cocina Juan is located at 100 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City.


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