Delicious Chinese Food at ROYAL CHINA (Raffles Hotel, Singapore)

Last Sunday we were treated to an unforgettable lunch by my Brother-In-Law. We had lunch at ROYAL CHINA in Raffles Hotel.  The food was simply delicious. The Service was Top-Notch and the ambience was ROYAL.

We had so many dishes that i could not remember all the names.

Forgot the name but I think it was Lotus Fried Rice

Our Peking Duck (Half) before it was skinned and the skin placed inside sandwhiches.
The Meat was served afterwards

Fruit platter composed of Watermelon, Melon (Super sweet Melon!!), Mango,
Seedless Grapesand DragonFruit. All the fruits served were of the highest quality


  1. The food looks delicious!!

    1. The Food was really delicious. One of the best Chinese Food I have ever tasted.


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