Bacolod's Central Market (Bacolod, Negros Occidental)

I have been to Bacolod countless times already but it was only last March 10, 2011 that i got the chance to visit Bacolod's Central Market. From what i saw and remember what was written on the Marker of the Central Market, it was built in 1938 by a certain Don De La Rama.  The Central Market is located in the center of Bacolod and can entered from 4 streets, namely Gatuslao, Gonzaga, Luzuriaga and Bonifacio Streets.
We went straight to the meat section of the Central Market to look for Longaniza (Chorizo is how they call it in Negros). The Longaniza we were looking for is the small one, we bought some Longaniza before in Talisay and it was very delicious and we were hoping that they would have it too in Bacolod. 

We found a Longaniza stall in the Meat Section, it was being sold for P25.00 for a Dozen. We bought several to take home. We also bought some Batuan at the nearby stall for P80.00 a Kilo. 

We were also looking for Kuakoy. We found it being sold by an old lady just outside the Central Market. It was priced at P25.00 per pack. We also bought Bai Bai (i dont know if this is the correct spelling) which is similar to Espasol but without the powder. It was also sold at P25.00 per pack. Aside from Kuakoy she was also selling Pinipig, Peanut Butter and something which looked like Coco Jam.

We also bought Ginamos. Negros Bagoong sold in cubes. The Biggest Cube is what we bought and it was priced at P450.00. The Lady Seller even bragged that Joel Torre buys Ginamos from her.

The Longaniza we purchased at the Central Market did not meet my expectations. When I opened the plastic bag the smell coming from the Longaniza was atrocious that i thought it was already spoiled. My mom told me that it was probably the casing used which was smelly and that I should have it cleaned. After frying it, i tasted the Longaniza and it did not taste anywhere what we bought in Talisay.


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