Negros' Summer Capital (Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental)

When you mention the place Negros, images of Sugar Cane fields will always come to mind. Never will you equate Negros to Pine Tree Lined Highways. But there exists in Negros a Town which you will never think you will find in Negros. A town which boasts of a Pine Tree Lined Highway, Rice Terraces, Cool Weather and much more.

Don Salvador Benedicto town in Negros Occidental is an Hour away from Bacolod City. Once the road starts to Zig Zag you will know that DSB is not far behind. A Lion stands proudly to welcome you to DSB. And from there you will be 

Lion built by the Lions Club to welcome
Travellers to Don Salvador Benedicto
given a sweeping view of endless Green Mountains. Along the way you will also get to see Rice Terraces built on the foot of the Mountains and you will think if you were in Negros or in Banaue.

Don Salvador Benedicto's Pine Tree Lined Highway is trully a sight to behold specially in Negros where you will see Sugar Cane's left and right.

On both sides of the highway are charming houses like what you will see in other countries.  This is a Town which is still untouched by commercialism, and it should remain so. 


Rice Terraces


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