Ken's Seafood House (Balaring, Silay, Negros Occidental)

Ken's Seafood House in Balaring, Silay City

During our last trip to Negros (February 3, 2011) our tour guide from Next Stop Negros (Betsy) mentioned a Barangay in Silay which offered delicous SeaFood. The Barangay was Balaring. Being a Seafood Lover (Crabs and Shrimps are my Favorite) i asked Betsy what the name was again, "Balaring" she said. I told her that next time i go back to Negros that i will go there. 

When we got back to Manila, i forgot the name of the Barangay again, so I texted Kris (a friend from Negros who was with us during our February Negros Trip) what the name was again of the Barangay in Silay which had delicious Seafood. "Balaring" she texted.

March 10,2011 we had another trip to Bacolod. We planned on eating in Balaring lunchtime but we would arrive 10am and we would proceed to Don Salvador Benedicto so Lunch at Balaring was kinda impossible. We just settled for a late lunch at Balaring, just before our flight will depart. On the way to Silay i kept on saying that we will have late lunch at "Biliran". When we arrived at the place that Betsy pointed out we asked the locals where "Biliran" was. The man we asked did not know. We though to ourselves, how come this man does not know where Biliran is when it is just in the area. He then asked another man, and we asked where the seafood restaurants where and he pointed us to the right road and just go straight. After a few minutes we arrived at Balaring. We decided at Ken's House since it was the most welcoming Restaurant and not to mention that it looked nice. On their Tarpaulin we saw that the place we were looking for was "Balaring" and not "Biliran", so that is why nobody knew where it was.

We ordered the Following:

Kilawin Tanigue - I still cannot get used to Kilawin Tanique with Salted Egg. I still prefer the way it is done without Salted Egg. Anyway, this version of Kilawin Tanique was good even with Salted Egg.

Shrimp with Garlic - Very Delicious. Super Fresh Shrimps used for this dish.

Inihaw na Pusit - This dish is good, but the Squid was kinda hard to chew on. I think they over grilled it.

Overall it was a good late lunch. Our bill just totalled P504 Pesos (including Rice and Drinks). Next time we will try the other Seafood Restaurants.


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