Marikina-Infanta Highway

The Marikina-Infanta Highway which connects Marikina, Rizal, Laguna and Quezon is probably one of the most scenic Highways in the Philippines. We first discovered this road way way back in 2002, the roads were still unpaved then, now the portion Marikina-Rizal is 100% paved concrete roads but the Laguna-Quezon part is still unfinished. 

We usually take this Highway just to go to Kamagong and experience weather similar to Baguio's. It always rains at the Laguna Part of the Highway probably due to the high elevation.

It is a pity though that this Highway is always beset by Falling Rocks and sometimes making it impassable. This is what happened today when we were supposed to go to Infanta. A SUPER Huge Boulder fell down the road and making the road impassable to motorists.

This is a Mini-Waterfall which you can find along the Highway

Unpaved Roads at the Laguna Part of the Highway

Half is paved while the other half was left unpaved

Cloud Covered Mountains

Motorists checking out the SUPER Huge Boulder which fell
down from the mountains and making the Highway Virtually Impassable
except for Pedestrians


  1. i didn't know na may ganito pala... thanks for sharing... =D


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