Bailon's Piaya (Bacolod City)

I usually do not like eating Piaya but there is a Piaya which i have learned to love (aside from Casa Carmela's Piayitos). It is a recent discovery which i got to know thru our Tour Guide Betsy of Next Stop Negros. The Piaya i am talking about is Bailon's. The difference of Bailon's from Bong Bong's is that this one is made in limited numbers only, it is still made by hand. It is thinner than Bong Bong's Piaya and instead of Ube filling inside, it has Molasses. It is very thin so 1 is usually not enough. A friend of mine said that it is too sweet for her but somehow i like it that way. I can finish a "Supot" of it compared to Bong Bong's which i can just eat 1 pc.

A whole "Supot" of Bailon's Piaya cost P80.00. It is best eaten just a few days after you buy it as it doesnt contain any preservatives. Aside from the Bailon Store in San Sebastian Street, you can also buy Bailon's Piaya from Pendy's located in Lacson Street.

Bailon's is located at #17 San Sebastian Street, Bacolod City. Tel No(s) 4347997 and 4347996


  1. ay sayang! di ko na try yan nung pumunta ako Bacolod last year.. thanks for sharing...


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