Bulawan Floating Restaurant

Kilawin Tanigue, Spicy but Delicious

Tilapia with Leeks and Ginger

Their Must Try Caldereta, with Olives, Carrots, Potatoes and lots of cheese

Piniritong Hito

We had another delicious and filling lunch at Bulawan.
We ordered the following: pritong hito, tilapia with leeks and ginger, caldereta, kilawin tanigue, rice and a pitcher of calamansi juice.
The pritong hito was fried to perfection, the tilapia with leeks and ginger was delicious, the caldereta was as usual, the best! The kilawin tanigue was a bit spicy but was very very good! I asked the waiter what they did with their tanigue since the taste improved, the waiter said that it was the owner's recipe.

Service as usual excellent. Food delicious. Overall another delicious and filling lunch.

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