Oriental Pearl TV Tower (Shanghai, China)

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is 468 meters high, it is the highest tower in Asia.
Entrance to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower costs 100 Yuan. You will take the elevator to the 259th floor Observation desk. A floor down the 259th floor will take you to the outdoor observation desk. The floor is made of glass so you can see what is down below.
There is also a private hotel in the TV Tower. It is located between the 2 Spheres. It is only for visiting dignitaries or for official use only.

The tower also boasts of a revolving restaurant.
Souvenir shops are scattered in the Observations decks. There is also a bigger souvenir shop on the ground floor before you exit.

Best time to go here is early morning as there are fewer people compared to going 10am upwards.

The tower is located at No 1 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The nearest Metro is the Metro Line 2 Luijiazui Station.

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