Huang Family Cuisine Restaurant (Shanghai,China)

The Huang Family Cuisine Restaurant is located at the 4th floor of a Shanghai Hotel.

They served a total of 8 dishes. I do not know the names so I would just describe them the best as I can.

Soup - The soup tasted like nilaga with vegetables, noodles and topped with something which tasted like chicharon. The taste is very simple but good.

Vegetable dishes - they served 2 vegetable dishes. The first was a green veggie which was just steamed and probably stirred in garlic. The other was mixed vegetables with tofu.

Shrimp - baby shrimps which were steamed. Very delicious specially if dipped in vinegar.

Fish - this is fish in leeks in soy sauce. The fish did not taste too good as it was grainy. The sauce was not tasty. It could have used ginger.

The next dish to be served were the green veggy dish and another veggie dish which had tofu. Followed were the shrimp dish and beef dish. Next was the dumplings.
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