Shanghai World Expo 2010

The Expo is 8.28km, it is HUGE. There are 24 parking lots to accomodate all the buses and cars. It also has 8 gates.

We took the shuttle bus to the China Pavillion. We had a group reservation but it turned out that we were not the only ones with a reservation. We had to fall in line for 20minutes before they allowed us inside the China Pavillion area. Inside it was another falling in line before we were able to get inside the pavillion. It took us 35 minutes.

Waiting in line ranges from 10minutes to 8 hours!! for the more popular pavillions.

Be prepared to fall in line for several hours. Bring food and drinks plus anything that can occupy your time when falling in line.

For those 75 and above. There are special lanes. You will not be falling in line anymore

Wear very very comfortable shoes as you will do a lot of walking and lining up. There are shuttle buses which you can take to go from area to area.To go to the other side you can take the metro or the ferry.

Brazil Pavillion
The Line of People waiting to get Inside the China Pavillion, these are just the People in the China Pavillion Building, there are also lines outside the building.

China Pavillion

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