Resto Grill sa BayBay (Bacolod, Negros)

This is the only Restaurant in Bacolod which is by the Sea. It is located at the BREDCO Port. For lunch we had the following, Kilawin Tanigue, Pork Sisig, Chickek Binakol, Steamed Shrimp, Chili Garlic Shrimp and Steamed Shrimp, and Special Halo Halo.

The Chicken Binakol was served in a Buko Shell. It was good. The chicken was tender, but there is a Chicken Binakol better than this.

The Kilawin Tanigue had a weird orange color! First time to see Kilawin with this color. Maybe they added atsuete. I still cannot understand why they like to add salted egg to kilawin in Bacolod. The Fish used was fresh, but it lacked spiciness which i look for in Kilawin. Plus it was not as sour as other kilawin i tasted. 

The Chili Garlic shrimp did not taste like it had any Garlic! and there was no spiciness at all. Made me wonder why they called it Chili Garlic Shrimp. It tasted just like hilabos. The shrimp was fresh though. Nothing to rave about.

Another shrimp dish. Like the Chili Garlic Shrimp. There is nothing to rave about this dish also.

And again, another Shrimp Dish.

This is one Sisig which i will never order again. It was very oily plus it had a weird taste which i cannot determine. A disappointment for me.

Their Special Halo Halo isnt anything Special. It just taste like any other Halo Halo.


  1. I never been there before but regarding to kilawin its my speaciality. Bacolod kilawin is one of the best due to the additional salted egg to kilawin and it taste mouth watering that cannot immagine and including the fresh meat of fish with the vinegar. Its wonderful... I miss the food in bacolod.
    Try to taste the diwal or angel clam. Its one of the best.

  2. Will definitely try Kilawin in Bacolod again. So that is why there is Salted Egg. Very different from the Kilawin I am used to. I was also able to eat a dish which was like kilawin but it had no salted egg and this was in a Road Side eatery in Hinigaran. It was simply delicious!


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