Bulawan Lunch

Beef Caldereta (A Must TRY!!)

Chili Crab (Another Must Try! Better than the Singapore Chili Crab)

Inihaw na Liempo

Fried Hito

We had lunch again at my Favorite restaurant.
We ordered their very elusive chili crab (they always get sold out on crab), my favorite kaldereta, pritong hito, inihaw na talong and inihaw na liempo.
I must say, the kaldereta keeps on getting better! It was already good the last time, this time it became divine!! The sauce alone is already delicious. And I use the word delicious and not just good since it is really exceptional.

The inihaw na liempo was good also. The pritong hito was delicious and the chili crab, divine as always.

The service as expected was excellent. And the speed in which the food was served was extraordinary. It was trully a heavenly lunch.

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