Shanghai Pudong Quanjude Restaurant

This is a Restaurant located at the 3rd Floor of the Purple Mountain Hotel in Shanghai.

The following dishes were served:

Sweet And Sour Pork - This is one delicious Sweet and Sour Pork. Probably the best i have tasted.

Tofu Dish - Did not taste this so I cannot comment about it.

Noodles - Though it doesnt have anything besides the greens, This is one delicious noodle dish!

Bread - Very Tasty!


Peking Duck - I am not really a Fan of Peking Duck, just a few pieces and I already give up. Tastes like any other Peking Duck. Be sure to drink lots of tea after eating Peking Duck.

Soup - Molo Soup. Very Good!

Fish With Leeks in Soy Sauce - Not too good, The Fish Meat did not taste nice. They definitely should use Ginger with this dish. And add more leeks.


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