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I have never been to China yet, Mainland China that is. Here is our itinerary for our trip. We got our Package Tour from Panda Travel.

This Blog Entry is basically an Itinerary. 

Places/tours highlighted in Bold Italics have seperate detailed blog entries. Click on it to bring you to the more detailed Blog Entry of that particular place.

September 23, 2010

I woke up around 530am. I packed my things and wrote down errands for M and the rest. 730 we left the house. Dropped by at StarBucks to buy some drinks and StarBucks Waffles to bring on the plane. 830am we were already at the airport.

A representative of China Panorama was there to assist their clients. Check In was fast as we did not bring any check in baggage. During check in we were informed that the flight would be leaving an hour later than scheduled!! (The plane that will be used will be coming from Incheon) After paying the terminal fee and clearing immigration we proceeded to gate 5 to wait for PR336. Boarding announced at 1145am. And departure at 1230. By 1210 they were not boarding yet. Boarding finally at 1215. Plane used was an A330-300. Plane departed at 1250. 

Arrived Pudong Airport 350pm. It took the plane 20mins before it was able to park at its Bay. 430 we were already out of customs.

Our tour guide was already there waiting for us. We waited for the other group members. At 455 we boarded the bus for downtown. We then went to Huang Family Cuisine for Dinner. The restaurant is located at the 4th floor of a hotel in downtown Shanghai.

After dinner we proceeded to the pier for the Huangpu River Cruise Tour. At 700pm we arrived at the pier. We waited for our guide Winnie to get the tickets. Our tour scheduled at 750pm so we waited 40minutes. The cruise tour ended 850pm.

When we went to the bus. The driver was saying something. It sounded like he was hurrying us up. It turned out that the area he was is a no stop area. The driver went down. I think the police was asking for his license. At 857pm we were on our way to the hotel. After checking in we went out to look for something to eat. Most of the shops were already closing. We were able to find a KFC which was open 24 Hours.

September 24,2010

I woke up 530am. Went outside to check how cold it was. Temperature was probably 18c. Used the internet for a few minutes. We waited at the lobby for breakfast to start. We were told that by 6am it would already be open but it was already 630am and it was still closed. Around 650am, the breakfast area already opened. After breakfast we walked around the neighborhood and went to Carrefour. 910am we left hotel for Nanjing Road.

Arrived at Nanjing road around 925am. We took a mini train ride for 2 yuan a person. By 12 we were picked up by Winnie.

We were taken to lunch, shanghai food mixed with janghao food. The Zhiweiguan Restaurant. Lunch was finished around 145pm.

We were then brought to the Shanghai Museum. Arrival at 215pm. We were given an hour to check the museum out. Left the museum at 330.

Arrived at the AP Plaza Xinyang Market bazaar 350pm. We were given 1.5 hrs. We were not interested in the items for sale so we just went to the SPR Coffee to kill time. 515pm we were already on the bus.

We still waited for 5 persons who got lost so we left at 532pm. 553pm we arrived at Ramada Plaza for Dinner. Dinner was at Blue Coast. Dinner was a buffet of International dishes. We were finished with dinner by 630pm.

At 652pm we proceeded to the Acrobatic show which will start at 730pm. The show ended at 900pm. The Hotel was very near so in just 5 minutes we were at the hotel. We did not go out anymore for the night.

September 25, 2010

I woke up at 530am. After changing clothes I went down to the internet room. Breakfast room was still closed again at 6am. It opened 630. I had fried rice, sausage, and bread. Plus apple juice. By 7am we were already finished with breakfast. We went up to the room to do some freshening up.

735 we left hotel for the BUND. We toured the bund for 20minutes. Then we took the tunnel to get to the other side.

9am we were at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. 940 we went to the Shanghai History Museum.

Our tour of the TV tower ended at 1030.

1110am we arrived at World Expo. We went to the China Pavillion (waited in line for almost an hour) then toured the grounds.

Went back to the hotel 5pm. Fare from Expo to Hotel 32 Yuan. 730pm we went to Imago to look for food. Just ended up buying Mcdonalds! Returned to hotel 9pm

September 26, 2010

Our last day in Shanghai. Woke up 5am. Packed my things. Breakfast at 6am.

630am we went back to room. Waiting for 8am pick up. 815 leave hotel for Silk Store.

Arrive at Jiangnansilk 835am. Left at 10am.

1015 leave for Yu Yuan Bazaar. Arrive 1040am. Stay till 1145. Left Yu Yuan Bazaar 1200.

1220 arrive at Shanghai Pudong Quanjude Restaurant at Purple Mt Hotel. Lunch till 1pm.

Maglev Train Ride at 150pm. Arrived at Pudong after 8 minutes.

We got our bags from the bus and then proceeded to check in. At 230pm we were finished with check in. Boarding at 330pm. Plane left 445. Arrived Manila 745.

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