Pudong Intl Airport (Shanghai, China)

The Pudong International Airport of Shanghai, China is HUGE!! the design is similar to Changi Airport or Bangkok's (I think more on Bangkok's) but with a much simpler design and interiors. There are travellators to transport passengers from gate to gate due to the length of the terminal.

For Arriving Passengers

Clearing thru Immigration was fast. There are a lot of Immigration counters. Their Immigration Counter is high tech, there is a small monitor in front of you where your details with picture will appear. The immigration officer then will ask if your information is correct. After the clearance, the officer will ask to be rated. You need to press a button corresponding to your rating of the officer.

The baggage claim area is also huge. After claiming blags, passengers will go thru customs. Going thru the nothing to declare or goods to declare exit. Bags will be xrayed when you go out.

The Greeting area is similar with Bangkok's Airport. Connecting to the airport is a multi level parking lot.

The airport is 40kms to the city. Takes 40minutes to an hour to the city. By Maglev Train it is just 7minutes.

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