Bangus Restaurant (Greenhills, San Juan)

Whenever we go to Greenhills we go to Bangus if we want to eat delicious filipino food that will not disappoint. For lunch today we ordered Sinigang Bangus Prime Cut, Crispy Tadyang ng Baka and Pinakbet.

Sinigang na Bangus - Could've been more sour (For me). The Bangus used is first class, boneless and milky taste. Over-All very good Sinigang na Bangus. Had an over abundance of vegetables.

Pinakbet - Just the right taste, vegetables had a good balance. 

Krispy Tadyang - My Favorite. Crispy and tasty. So far the best Krispy Tadyang I have tasted. Pricey though.

Over All it was a good lunch at Bangus. We usually go to the Greenhills branch as this is the one with the best tasting food compared with the other branches. When ordering rice, half what you usually order as their serving of rice is PLENTY. 

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