Pensionat Oden (Stockholm, Sweden)

This is a centrally located Hotel (Hostel or Pension). It is located in a quiet park of Stockholm. Price is quite expensive. Would not recommend this Hotel to anyone.

I do not mind staying in a small room or a cheap hotel. But if the staff are rude that is a different matter. It was very early when we arrived. The front desk man was very stern, very rude, military like. He just got the Credit Card for payment and that was it. Did not even bother telling about the code found in the key that will be used to enter the Hostel. Since we would not be able to avail of Breakfast the following morning, we asked him if we can avail it on the day we arrived. His reply was a big NO. Oh well.


  1. I read some reviews about this Hotel. Some said the staff are okay. It was probably just that particular man who had a problem.


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