Old Houses of Bustos Bulacan

When we passed by Bustos 5-6 years ago, we passed by Old Stone Houses which had intricate stone work. I had no interest yet for Old Houses then so I did not bother taking a picture.

2 weeks ago, on the way to Cabanatuan, I asked M that we pass by Bustos so that I can take a picture of the Stone Houses we saw before. I never got to see the houses as it was probably another road we took then.

Just this morning, on our way to Baliuag. I was able to see 2 of the stone houses. But the other houses were gone, the ones with the more intricate carvings I could not find anymore.

Detail of the StoneWork found on one of the Bustos House

Still, to see the 2 houses still standing gave me again a glimpse of a bygone era, forever etched in memory.

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