Manohra Dinner Cruise (Bangkok,Thailand)

The Manohra River Cruise departs from the Marriot Resort and Spa Pier and at the Sathorn Pier. It leaves the Marriot Pier at 7:30PM and the Sathorn Pier at 7:45PM. Dinner can be prepaid or reservations can be also made directly from their Website at Prices are 1990 for Adults and 995 for Kids for the Gold Menu. Prices for the Silver Menu, 1250 for Adults and 625 for Kids. These prices excludes taxes. The Gold Menu is 9 Courses while the Silver is 6 Courses. Booking Online can also be done via, for this price is 1800 and 1000 for Gold and 1400 and 750 for Silver.

If you prefer a Dinner Cruise where you will really get FULL, try the Loy Nava Cruise, food is overwhelming and you get to choose if you want Vegetarian, Sea Food, Meat or a Mix of All. They also have Thai Dancers on board. At the Manohra when you get on board, a girl in Thai Costume will pin you with an Orchid and a photographer will take your picture. After a few minutes you will be presented with a framed picture which you may or may not buy, price for 1 picture is Baht 300.

Food as expected (Thai Food) was delicious. You will never go wrong with Thai Food.

Gaeng Karee Gal (Slow Cooked Spring Chicken in Yellow Curry)

Miang Som (Miang of Pomelo and Prawns)

Thoong Thong and Yam Kor Moo Yang (Deep fried golden bag stuffed with minced pork and shrimp and Grilled pork neck salad with tomato and chili sauce)

Nuen Toon (Clear Spicy Boiled Beef Consomee)

Pla Krapong Rad Krip (Seared Sea Bass Fillet with Chili Dressing)

Khao Knew Mamung (Mango Sticky Rice) and Ice Cream


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