Pancake House (CCP-Manila Bay)

For food like Spaghetti, Waffles and Pancakes, Tacos, we always go to Pancake House. Pancake House has since expanded their Menu to include Steaks. 

Pancake House is found all over the Philippines. For today's Breakfast we went to the CCP Complex branch.

For today's breakfast we had the following:

Iced Tea, Mint Tea and Calamansi Juice for Drinks

Taco - Still the best Taco among all the Restaurants I have been to.

Spaghetti, Pan Chicken and Taco Plate

Spaghetti wth Meat Sauce - Pancake House's Spaghetti is not the Sweet Type. This is neither sweet or salty. It is in the middle.

Tapa - Pancake House's Version of the Tapsilog.

Mini Pancakes - Blueberry

Gurts - Sans Rival Yoghurt for dessert


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