My Airport to Airport Experience

I lifted this Blog Entry from my other Blog. Since this deals with Travel, it is just right to post it here. This is the exact entry.

Today Marks the 10th Year, or Anniversary, since I was sent Airport to Airport from the USA.

On this day, 10 Years ago, I arrived at Detroit Airport. I lined up in Immigration, the Immigration officer seemed a bit peeved at 2 Filipinos regarding their forms. When I looked at his number it was number 13. His family name was Mills. I was asked all sorts of questions, from how long will i be staying, what I will be doing, who i will visit and so on. One word which I think which made him think i will be staying for long in the US is the word "Help". He said that he will not go a long long way to help his sister. I guess he does not know how Filipino Culture works. Ignorance at its best, but he is of another culture and that is understandable. After the questioning he brought me t a room for more questioning. In my mind, I wanted to go home. Never have I been treated like a 3rd class citizen in my life. After a few hours, a security escort was given to me. I was brought to a Plane that will take me to Manila. I was releived, I was finally on my way home. Away from a country which i so adored before, but now which i dread.

I reapplied for a US Visa last year, but I was denied. There are more Countries to see than the United States of America.


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