La Familia Restaurant (Baliuag, Bulacan)

We just had lunch at La Familia Restaurant in Baliuag, Bulacan. This restaurant was recently featured in the Inquirer so we decided to give it a try.

The La Familia Restaurant is located along the Dona Remedios Trinidad Highway in Baliuag. They are located just after the end of the overpass. It is a Turo-Turo Type of Restaurant. For the KareKare, we waited for 30 Minutes.

We ordered the adobong pusit, kaldereta, inihaw na bulik (?) And kare kare.

Adobong Pusit - the squid was very tender. Their version of this dish is on the sweet side, this must be how they cook it in Bulacan. Nonetheless, it was good for me.

Kalderetang Baka - beef was very tender. Their version probably uses more liver paste / spread than tomato sauce. Their Kaldereta is very good! The sauce alone is very good. Though a different kind from what I am used to, I like their version.

Inihaw na Bulik - I do not know if this is the correct name of the fish. The fish was grilled, garlic was sprinkled on top. The fish tasted fresh.

Kare Kare - this is another variant of kare kare. La Familia's KareKare was featured in the newspaper and rightfully so. Their Kare Kare has pumpkin as a variant. The sauce is very delicious. It has a distinct taste, which tastes like coconut. The meat used was so soft it easily seperates from the bone. This is a delicious dish that La Familia should be proud of.

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