Balinsasayaw Restaurant (Puerto Princesa, Palawan)

Yesterday, for our last night in Palawan we went to Balinsasayaw for dinner. We were supposed to eat at a restaurant near Baker's Hill but it was closed.

The Setup of Balinsasayaw is one of a kind. The first time i saw something like it. The tables are located in elevated platforms with railings. 

We ordered the following: Grilled Tuna with Rice (89), Chicken Inasal (79), Sinuglaw (195), Garlic Shrimp (195) and Buko Shake (69).

Drinks were served first followed by all the food dishes.

The Grilled Tuna didnt taste fresh. It was a bit dry. So different from the taste & freshness of the Grilled Tuna which was served at Kalui.

The Chicken Inasal meanwhile was very good. I liked it better than Haim Chicken Inato.

The Garlic shrimp was not fresh also. But the sauce was good. 

The Sinuglaw was the standout among our orders. It was very good. Very tasty and the fish was fresh.

It was nonetheless a filling dinner despite The Tuna and Shrimp not being fresh. Service was okay.

Balinsasayaw is located along Rizal Avenue.


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