Saffron Restaurant (Banyan Tree Macau)

On our first day in Macau we had lunch at Banyan Tree's Saffron.

We ordered their tom yum soup, satay and various desserts.

The first to arrive was the tom yum soup. It was good but my mother had far more discerning taste as me as she said it did not pass her standards. She said it was not sour enough and that the shrimps were soggy.

Next to arrive was the satay. It was good but there are better satays out there. My mother was not raving about it too.

My mother complained to the waitress who was a filipina that the tom yum was no good. The waitress then told the chef about it. The chef (who was thai) went to our table and asked what was wrong. My mother said that the tom yum was not sour enough and the shrimps were not fresh. The chef said that they do not make the tom yum too sour as the Chinese & Macanese do not like their tom yum too sour. The shrimps she said were delivered to them fresh but that they put it in the freezer. The chef said if we wanted another tom yum but we declined but accepted her dessert offer.


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