Kalui (Puerto Princesa, Palawan)

Dinner yesterday was at Kalui. Our reservation was for 6:15pm. We were there exactly 6:15pm and we were seated promptly.

There were not much diners compared to the last time we were there (January 2014) probably due to the Low Season.

Scanned the Menu and ordered the Set of the Day which is good for 2 persons. (P435) kilawin (P195) and Shakes (Calamansi Mint & Mango Papaya).

The first to arrive was a Complimentary Appetizer of Lato. I never got to like Lato and probably never will.

Soup was also served free. It was a refreshing soup which had strong ginger flavors.

Next our Drinks were served. The Calamansi Mint was good but could not taste the Mint. There was probably some subtle hints of mint that i did not take note off! The Mango Papaya did not have any traces of papaya flavor but both shskes were good.

Next the Kilawin was served. It was good. The vinegar used was more powerful than the one at Haim Chicken Inato.

Next served was the Shrimp. The Shrimp was fresh. It was served in a sweet spicy sauce which was really good.

Next was the Eggplant which had a coverup plus sauce. It was delicious also. 

Next was the fish in coconut. The fish was rolled and in the middle a ginger stick can be found. It was delicious too.

Next served was my favorite. Grilled fish which was grilled to perfection. I do not know if it was marlin or salmos or tanigue but it was delicious. It was served right off the pan.

To end the meal. We were given a bowl of fruits. A mix of Watermelon, papaya and banana. Muscovado sugar was added to it too.

Our total bill amounted to P902.

Kalui's always never fails to satisfy. From the food which was delicious to the service which was fast and efficient plus the affordable price.

Kalui's is located along Rizal Avenue. Just beside Lotus Garden.


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