Ninak (Kapitolyo, Pasig City)

Whenever we go to Ninak it is always closed so we end up eating elsewhere. Today we were able to eat at Ninak (Kanin spelled backwards).

We ordered their Ninak Rice, Satay Chicken, Vietnamese Soup and Red Ruby.

We were served first the Vietnamese Soup, it was just okay. Nothing special.

Then the red ruby was served. I did not like their version that much as it was very sweet, probably to cater to the Filipino's preference for sweetness.

While waiting for the other food orders the chef approaced us and gave us a free plate of their Indonesian Pork Belly. It was delicious and surprisingly it was not oily compared with other pork belly. They probably used organic pork.

The Satay followed. The Satay was delicious too. The peanut sauce was equally delicious.

The Ninak Rice was the last to arrive and it was very good also.

Though there was some hit and misses, the Service at Ninak was fast, efficient and friendly. We will definitely be back. 


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