Hong Kong and Macau 4 Days and 3 Nights Trip

1st Day - September 4,2014 (Manila-HK-Macau)

We left the house at a little past 5am and arrived at NAIA1 around 535am. After checking in and clearing customs we went to the Miascor Lounge. The food at the lounge was still the same like my last visit.

Boarding started at 8am. We arrived in Hong Kong after 1 hr 40 minutes. We got out of immigration around 11:30am (We made a mistake, we should have followed the signs which said to Macau). And because of this we had to take the bus A11 to the Macau Ferry Terminal (Bus Fare HKD40 each - Bring Exact Amount as the Driver does not give Change).

We then had lunch at the Terminal. We got the bbq soy chicken meal which was delicious. 

Afterwards we bought our Ferry tickets at the Cotai booth (Hkd 160 person) for the 130pm trip. 

The trip to Macau just took an hour. After clearing immigration in Macau we went to the Galaxy Shuttle Bus. The bus took us to Galaxy Hotel then we walked to Banyan Tree.

Check In was fast and we were in our room in a few minutes. Our room was huge! It was 100sqm in size and was luxurious. It also had a Mini Pool.

After checkin in we went out to look forsomething  to eat. We settled for Saffron since that was the closest and Mother was already hungry.

Mother was not satisfied with the food and complained with our Filipina Waitress. Personally did not find anything wrong with the food. The dessert was delicious. (Though the following day she complained about the dessert)

After our late lunch or Early Dinner we went out to get Cough Medicine but we just ended up going back to the room.

Once we got back to the room i changed to my swim shorts. I went to the outdoor pool. It was huge! And there was white sand. The pool was nice plus the flooring was a soft rubber so less injury especially for the rowdy kids.

When i got back to the room i tried the bath tub and the indoor pool.

I also went to the Hotel gym. Beside the hotel gym was an indoor pool but did not take a swim anymore.

Day 2 - September 5,2014 (Macau-HK)

Breakfast at the Saffron. I was expecting a grander breakfast, somewhat like the Venetian's or Sofitel Manila but the breakfast selection was smaller in size but still good.

After breakfast we returned to the room to rest and for the Shuttle Bus to Macau Ferry Terminal.

We were waiting at the Diamond Lobby for the bus but it turned out we were waiting at the wrong place. The shuttle buses were at the Crystal Lobby.  

At the Crystal lobby we looked for the Shuttle to Macau Ferry Terminal. It was in the right side along with the Shuttle Buses to the Airport and Taipa Terminal.

After around 20 minutes we arrived at Macau Ferry Terminal. We boarded a Taxi to Senado Square. 

I went to St Dominic's Church, Cathedral and Saint Paul. My Mother and Sister stayed at Star Bucks's. After my picture taking we took a taxi to Macau Ferry Terminal where we boarded the Galaxy Shuttle Bus.

We Checked Out at 1pm and lunch at the Galaxy Food Court. At the food court you need to get a Galaxy Pass first. Minimum to load the card is $50.

After lunch we boarded the Shuttle Bus to Taipa Ferry Terminal. I bought the tickets to HK (HKD169 each). Then we proceeded to Immigration then to boarding.

We were on the 230pm Trip. We arrived at HK around 340pm.

We took a taxi going to L'Hotel Nina. The trip cost 167 HKD, this included toll fee of 50hkd. 

Check In was okay, though the check in staff was rather cold looking. Room was not like Banyan Tree's but was bigger than usual HK Rooms plus it had a beatiful view of the harbor.

After check in we rested for a few minutes then went out to check Citywalk Mall and Nina Hotel. We had an early dinner at Citywalk's Shanghai Popo.

Day 3 - September 6,2014 (Hong Kong-Ngong Ping-Tsai O)

At 630am we went to Circles at the 9th floor for breakfast. Not much bread to choose from. I liked the Chicken Bun.

We returned to the room afterwards. After a few minutes rest we went to the Tsuen Wan MTR Station. We stopped at Lai King then to Tung Chung. At Tung Chung we exited at B and walked to the Cable Car Terminal. We got the Package Tour which included the Tai O Fishing Village

The Cable Car to Ngong Ping took around 25 minutes. The ride took us past numerous hills with breathtaking views. HKIA can also be seen

After exiting the Cable Car Terminal we had an early lunch. 

At 1130 we went to the Meeting Point for the Tour. We were met by a guide who asked us to board the waiting bus. Travel time to Tai O took around 10 minutes. At Tai O we passed by numerous stalls selling dried fish & sea food.

We boarded a boat that took us for a tour of the stilt houses of Tai O. After viewing the Stilt Houses we went further to view pink dolphins. 

We were able to see one or two then it was back to Tai O. We were given till 1245 before the bus will take us back to Ngong Ping.

At Ngong Ping we went to the Giant Buddha and the Monastery.

After Ngong Ping we took the MTR to Kowloon MTR Station. We went to Elements Mall. Bought books at Metrobooks and HMV and had an early dinner.

Day 4 - September 7,2014 (HK-Manila)

Breakfast was at the hotel. Afterwards we went back to the room. Around 12 we checked out. We went to Tsuen Wan Plaza for lunch. We ate at Sweet Basil, a thai restaurant.

After lunch we went to hotel then took taxi to HKIA. We spent time at Plaza Premium Lounge before our departure for Manila.


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