Barney's Burger (Marikina City)

Yesterday my sister asked me to go to a burger place in Marikina called Barney's Burger. 

When we arrived at Lilac Street we saw the sign of Barney's but it was in front of a school or some other establishment which was caged. We thought that it had probably closed. I went down and it turned out Barney's Burger was 3 doors from the sign.

Barney's Burger Menu is very simple. They just serve burgers plus some side dishes.

In my list of what to buy was listed the Fully Loaded burger but there was 2 choices, the classic & supreme. I asked what tge difference was and the order taker said just in the patty size. 

I ordered 2 Fully loaded supreme. 1 for takeout and the other one for dine in plus french fries.

I was surprised at how tasty the burger was. The burger patty was delicious and the added bacon fully complemented it. The fries were good too.

Barney's is located at 21 Lilac Street, Concepcio Dos, Marikina. Located at the same side as the Gate of Rancho 1.


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