Xia Mian Guan (Elements, HK)

On our 3rd day in Hong Kong (September 6,2014) we had a very early dinner at a Restaurant which we did not what its name was. It was a Chinese restaurant inside Elements Mall in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The restaurant did not have any english name so we did not know what its name was.

We showed ourselves to a table and a waitress gave us a menu and a checklist and pencil.

We ordered dimsum, rice, chicken in wine, a beef meal and dessert whose names i was not able to take  note of.

All the dishes we ordered were good. The only downside is that the service is forgettable. It was extremely hard to communicate with the staff. From plates to soy sauce, all words were alien to them. The only thing we did not get a hard time requesting for was the tea since i just had to point at it.


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